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Vision Boards

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board can take almost any form you like, but its overriding characteristic is that it uses visual stimuli rather than words to express your hopes, dreams and desires.

Many people enjoy creating pictures because they have a natural artistic talent. If this is not you, do not worry! Vision boards can be created in a multitude of ways, using all kinds of materials. Pictures cut from catalogues, magazines and other printed sources work just as well as the ones you draw or paint yourself. Pieces of fabric, shells, stones, leaves, flowers, beads and buttons can all be put to use to create your personal vision. The important thing is that it it is meaningful to you.

Why Create a Vision Board?

When you create a vision board you are giving tangible form to your hopes, dreams and thoughts. The act of transforming a nebulous thought into a tangible symbol or picture is a very powerful transformational tool. Not only does it give your mind something to focus on, it also sends out a clear message to the Universe that this is what you want to manifest in your life.

The most important aspect of manifesting is to use positive, present language when you ask for what you want. “Language” here means any means of communication, including symbols and pictures. Humans are very visual beings. Think about the signs you have seen in a foreign country where you knew nothing of the native tongue. An immense amount of information can be conveyed simply through pictograms and symbols. For example, when you transform your desire for more money into a glorious picture of a Dragon’s hoard of gold and gems, you send a powerful message both to yourself and to the Universe that this is the kind of abundance you are seeking.

How to Use Your Vision Board

When you have created your vision board, do not be afraid to alter or add to it. It may be two or three dimensional, in which case you need to find a suitable place for it in your home. Choose a prominent position so that you can see it frequently as you go about your daily life. This will imprint the symbols and pictures more firmly in your mind and serve to remind you that every thought you have, and every action you take, creates your reality both now and in the future. Every time you look at the coins and gems depicted in that Dragon’s hoard (or the pink clouds and hearts you may have chosen to represent your desire for love) or anything else you have transformed from thought to picture; you are reminded to take steps that will bring your desired outcome closer.

Mind Mapping

The purpose of Mind mapping is to generate new ideas. The best way to do this is to work swiftly and simply scribble down everything that springs to mind when you write down a key word. For example, if your keyword

is Abundance, you might want to include an abundance of health as well as wealth in your life. Who does not want to give and receive an abundance of love? Keep your notes, no matter how rough they are, because mind mapping will probably throw up a few ideas that were dormant in your mind before you began. Vision boards can be as large or as small and focussed as you like.

Crystals to Use for Manifesting

Crystals for manifesting can be a useful tool for focussing your intentions. Use them in meditation and “program” them by sending your intention from your heart into the heart of the crystal. Use positive statements and keep them in the present tense. Allow the crystal to absorb your intention, then keep it close by to remind you of your goals.

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