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Using Sage to Cleanse Your Space

If you have ever browsed a mind, body and spirit fayre, or similar event, you will almost certainly have come across merchants selling bundles of sage, sticks and leaves or sage cleansing kits. More and more people seem to be drawn to the practice of burning sage in a ritualistic way to cleans their homes or workplaces of sluggish or negative energy and there is no doubt that the practice helps to lighten your mood, calm you down and create a feeling of peace and tranquility in your environment.

The practice of burning herbs, plants and bark forms a common element in many shamanic traditions, and the sweet smelling smoke is often utilized in healing rituals in various cultures. The history of using elements of the natural world to create the right atmosphere for improving health or invoking positive vibrations dates back to ancient times. The practice of of using sage specifically forms part of the spiritual traditions of Native Americans, and in this case the ritual is known as smudging rather than cleansing. Because the words and prayers used by each culture may be different, it is best to refer to your own ritual as cleansing rather than smudging.

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