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The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is good for the soul. The act of sitting quietly, in a nonjudgmental attitude as you breathe rhythmically and relax your mind and body is energizing, rejuvenating, calming and empowering. There are many forms of meditation and you will find the right one for you, whether this is sitting in total silence, being alone in nature, listening to guided meditations or chanting mantras. The important thing to take on board about the power of meditation is that it needs to be a consistent, constant part of your daily life.

In order to harness the power of any of the crystals mentioned in "meditation with crystals" you simply need to be in contact with them as you sit quietly in meditation and send your intentions into the stone. You can telepathically call upon the powers of protection of your chosen crystal to shield you from any turmoil going on in your life, to absorb the negative energies of others’ thoughts and words and to cleanse the negative vibrations from your energy field. You can also set the intention of releasing any self-generated negativity and visualize your harmful, unwanted thoughts and attitudes draining away from you and into the stone, which will then carry them away to become transmuted into harmless energy.

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