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Positive and Negative Energies

Almost anything you may read on healing, mediation, the power of crystals or Energy Healing will refer to positive and negative energies and their impact on the mind, body and spirit. Some people are naturally skeptical about anything that they cannot see or measure with their own eyes, which is why it is important to stress here that the existence of different layers of energy is not a “new age” concept, and it certainly does not depend on whether you have “faith” of any kind. This energy is real, palpable and can be captured on camera, measured as wavelengths and felt as a definite presence.

At its most simple, this is the energy that is responsible for such commonplace sayings as “cut the atmosphere with a knife”, “in your face” or “do not invade my body space”.

It is this energy that can be felt when you practice Tai Chi and Qigong, as a kind of force field between your hands. This is Chi, or Prana, or Universal Energy and for the most part it is a positive and beneficial source of healing and comfort for both body and soul.

However, in the examples given above, the emphasis is on the negative aspects of energy, such as an invasion of your space or an attack on your character. It is at times like this that we all need a few strategies to keep us balanced, in good health, strong and confident. This is where the practice of meditation, amplified by the use of specific crystals, stones and minerals comes in.

Our candles help repel negative energies and attract positives ones into our lives.

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