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The 13.0" x 8.0" tree of life wall decor has assorted decorative Milagro charms. Each of the charm represents wishes, prayers, and thanks. 


Once you receive your Milagro you will set up a whatsup call with a world-renowned energy reader in Mexico who speaks English. She has been doing energy readings for over 33 years. The energy reader will give you a unique insight into what is happening in your life. Based on your aura she may be able to provide you the necessary guidance that can point you to the right direction in life by reading your energy vibrations.


Some benefits of energy reading are:

  • Assistance in life choices 
  • Parts of yourself that you can work on
  • Helping you with a new outlook on life
  • Negative energy and sometimes illnesses could be detected
  • Wisdom on how to move forward with decisions
  • How to will positivity into your life

Tree of Life Milagro with an energy reading

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