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Revitalize your space with our "Blue Steel" Healing Room Spray, a harmonious blend of freshness and positive energy. This 4.0 oz bottle is not just a room freshener; it's a sanctuary in a spray. Infused with the mystical power of Labradorite crystals, known for their ability to ward off negative energies, it ensures your space is a bastion of tranquility and protection. Labradorite is celebrated for imparting strength and perseverance, transforming your environment into a haven of well-being.


Labradorite Healing Properties:

  • Emotional Protection: Shields against negativity, fostering a space of emotional safety.
  • Enhanced Intuition: Opens the mind to deeper understanding and insight.
  • Cultivated Strength: Empowers with resilience and inner fortitude.


Physical Healing Properties:

  • Digestive Health: Aids in promoting a balanced and healthy digestive system.
  • Anxiety Relief: Known to alleviate anxiety, creating a serene and calm environment.


Our spray is meticulously formulated to protect your home and the environment. Free from emulsifiers, it requires a gentle shake before each use to activate its natural, potent ingredients. Ideal for refreshing any room, we advise against direct application on skin or clothing. Hold the bottle 12" away to lightly mist for linens, enhancing your relaxation space.


Pair our "Blue Steel" Healing Room Spray with our Evil Eye Sanctuary candles for an augmented experience of peace and protection. Together, they create a symphony of scent and energy, enveloping you in a protective cocoon.


Top notes: Lemon Zest, Sea Ozone, Greens

Middle notes: Lily, Jasmine, Marine Waters

Base notes: Cedarwood, Coastal Musk, Dark Amber






Postively Protected Healing Room Spray

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