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Our Healing & Health Crystals are a hand-curated set, designed to help promote healing. Nephrite is very physical in nature, it stimulates all the senses while increasing life force energy. It also brings abundance and prosperity. Ancients often wore this stone to remedy diseases of the kidneys. Unakite stimulates the healing of the soul. It helps awaken the higher self and get rid of pent-up emotions. Amethyst has the ability to attract spiritual energies and provide peace of mind. Connecting with our Higher nature is the first step toward healing.

The Raw Crystal Set for Healing and Health includes the following items:

:::::"COMPLETE SET" includes::::

  • 6  Tumbled Nephrite Crystal
  • 6 Tumbled Unakite Crystal Stone
  • 6 Tumbled Amethyst Crystal Stone
  • Carrying Bag
  • Bundle of White Sage


Healing and Health Crystal Stone Set

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