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Laser engraved grids. The various grids are powerful for setting your intentions with crystals and creating what you want in life.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this handmade item, slight variances in wood texture and color are normal and part of the wood. Crystals are not included.


Seed of Life

  • Divine direction
  • Communication
  • Expansion
  • Creativity
  • Spiritual growth



  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Duality
  • Unification


Tree of Life

  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Faith
  • Strength
  • Balance



  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Outline your path
  • Career path direction
  • Chakra energy


Sri Yantra

  • Wealth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Focus
  • Balance
  • Energy


12" Wooden Grid

Crystal Grid Board

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