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The Amethyst, clear quartz, citrine necklace is a natural beauty. Each pendant is unique; size and shape will vary. Approximate size 1 1/4". The pendant comes with a 24" silver plated chain.

Amethyst is a natural sedative that alleviates stress, strain, and moodiness. It is a natural tranquilizer that relieves stress and tension, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, and dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. It alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enhances psychic abilities.


Clear Quartz is one of the most authentic types that is also considered as an illuminator. It is a powerful amplifying stone. This means that it takes whatever you give it and multiplies it back to you in tenfold. Its many pristine surfaces can revive memory, boost concentration, and exerts a holistic balancing effect.


Citrine dispels negative tendencies, panic, depression, and phobias. It radiates an emotion-balancing aura that energizes and revitalizes you physically and emotionally. It can correct the chemical imbalance and also reverse terminal diseases. It enhances the proper functioning of the digestive system, spleen, and pancreas. It is an effective solution for treating diabetes.

Amethyst, Quartz, Citrine Necklace - Silver