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From our first day, evil eye sanctuary has been committed to providing top-quality handmade non-toxic soy candles and the best customer care.  Our goal is to help peace seekers find products featuring symbols of positivity, peace, and protection. We stand by the extraordinary benefits and huge potential of everything we offer and invite you to experience the rewards for yourself.

Positivity. Peace. Protection

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Hand Crafted

All of our candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

100% Natural

Made from all-natural 100% American soy wax. Our wicks are all-natural, ring-spun cotton wax coating wicks. 


We only use fragrance oils free of

- Carcinogens

- Mutagens

- Reproductive Toxins 

- Organ Toxins


Shop our hand poured soy candles. Helping peace seekers find products featuring symbols of protection, peach and positivity.


Shop our gifts collection to removes negative energy harmonizes the mind.


Shop our Milagros that can be worn as jewelry, placed in the home as attractors of positive energies, or used as a lucky charm.

Can't decide which scent speaks to you? Take our scent quiz

evil eye sanctuary candle


Love these candles! I purchased several different scents & they all smell so wonderful! My house smells so good & I love that they are all-natural & hand made. They also make impressive gifts! 

Sandra Wasson

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